The Best Portable Charcoal Grills for 2021

Can you spend a sunny day at the beach, park, or camping ground?

Without the best portable charcoal grill, it is difficult to cook food outside. There are dozens of grills at various price points in the market. Each manufacturer claims that their model is the best. but what is the truth?

As a result of testing under different conditions, several different grills were selected. Whether you need it for a beach, park, or camping, this article has a grill for everyone.

Here are the best portable charcoal grills you can buy in 2021

Before deciding which grill to buy. you will need to check my list and analyze your choices to account for your needs. If you need a larger full-size grill-check out our best charcoal grill buying guide. Overall you should know that the portable charcoal grill is one of the cheapest grills. So it is better to spend a little more money on a better model.


Quick Choices

Check Current Price.

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Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal  Black Grill 18 Inch

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Weber 10020 Smokey Joe 14 inch Portable Black Grill

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Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Black Grill

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Char-Griller E06614 AKORN Jr. Portable Kamado Red Charcoal Grill

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Quick Grill Medium Charcoal BBQ Grill, Stainless Steel Original Folding

With a wide range of prices and features. You will be able to easily find the portable charcoal grill you want. Live up to your expectations. You can choose the best in many ways to find the grill that suits you and your lifestyle and way of cooking.

An excellent portable charcoal grill at a reasonable price. I think it’s the best choice in this category. It is light and has a wide cooking space and is convenient and sturdy. Weber perfectly shows how to make a good portable charcoal grill at an affordable price.

Weber Jumbo Joe is not the smallest, but despite its slick structure and lightweight, I still believe it is light. Easy to transport. Works well in many places outside your home, such as campgrounds, parks, or beaches. It is also a suitable solution for those with limited space in the backyard or balcony and those who cook food.

Many interesting and useful features make it convenient and efficient.

There is a lot of space under the lid (240 square inches), so you can prepare a more ambitious meal. You use different cooking methods (direct and indirect). A great advantage is the re-love, which is not particularly perfect, but still serves to prevent hot embers from falling off the grill. Easy ash removal.

Tuck-N-Carry – There is no fear of the lid falling off when carrying the grill.

Assembly is easy and 15-30 minutes is enough.

One drawback is the shallow space under the lid, which means that you may have problems with the whole dish by tightening it vertically, chicken or turkey.

  • Price
  • Roasting area
  • The efficiency of a full-size grill
  • Vertical tightening (shallow space inside the grill)

If desired I want the grill As efficient as a full-size kettle Weber You need to buy Jumbo Joe. The large cooking area is a versatile grill, and its light and compact construction make it portable. Strictly speaking, Jumbo Joe combines the large cooking area of ​​the original kettle 18 with the mobility of the Smokey Joe.

Do you want a very light, small, convenient, and durable portable charcoal grill?

Weber Smokey Joe is a grill made for you.

One of the best portable charcoal grills in size and weight (at least for this price), you can easily carry it with one hand. Convenient to use wherever size and weight are important, as well as where space and space are limited.

It is a suitable choice for camping grounds, beaches, parks, small balconies, or patios in the city.

The cooking area is 147 square inches, which is very suitable for cooking food. It is enough to prepare food for 1-2 people.

Like the large Weber Kettle, Smokey Joe has a lid that allows for better temperature control. It is a very competitive feature in this price and category, and there are also vents.

To achieve high temperatures, open the vents completely. If you still think the temperature is too low, you can remove the grill lid and create a higher airflow.

There are a lot of limitations to this grill because it is large. It is still effective for cooking small chunks of meat such as hamburgers, sausages, chicken wings, or steaks.

One of the other drawbacks is the low air vents that are often blocked by air. However, due to the small structure of the grill, it is completely understandable. While cooking, you just need to clean the vents once at a time.

  • Price
  • Weight and size
  • Low air vents are clogged with ash

It is also worth noting. One of the cheapest portable charcoal grills.

It is recommended to use it regardless of whether it is used very rarely. Very cheap, convenient whenever you cook outside, like at the park, on the beach, or when camping.

Weber Go-Anywhere

Weber Go-Anywhere is very convenient, light, and efficient. I like the way you can fold or move with one hand. It is perfect not only when traveling, but also in cities and places with very limited space, such as balconies, terraces, or terraces.

About 2 persons are enough, suitable for 2 medium-sized steaks, 6 hamburgers or about 6 persons. Depending on the size of -8 chicken wings.

As the name of the grill shows, you can take it wherever you want.

I like a convenient and versatile grill. You can always take it wherever you go.

Thanks to a well-structured structure. The folding legs wrap the grille and fold it into the shape of a rectangular toolbox. Such a structure weighs only 14 pounds and makes it one of the most convenient and portable charcoal grills.

One disadvantage is temperature control, which is much more difficult and inferior than in the round due to the structure of the grill. Smokey Joe or Jumbo Joe.

Some other disadvantages are the fact that hot charcoal is too close to food, so it can burn food quickly and easily. A good solution to this problem is simply to use a small amount of charcoal.

  • Incredibly very convenient
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Weight
  • Weight
  • The small distance of hot charcoal from granite [19659034] I have presented some other good grills, but in mobility As for the best in this category. The popularity of this model comes from combining the most important characteristics such as mobility, efficiency, and reliability, and is cheap, light, and easy to use.
  • Probably there may be a Kamado-style grill fan between us. I am looking for a small and relatively small size model.

Char-Griller Akorn Jr one of the Best

Char-Griller Akorn Jr is designed for travel where space is very limited or weight is not very important.

It will be the smallest grill of this type. Still, it’s a lot of weight, so it’s recommended for those who cook occasionally, run out of space in the backyard, or spend camping time where they can draw a car on a camping ground.

It is not a portable charcoal grill that can be easily carried with one hand. It will help you move easily with someone else’s help.

The cooking space is 153 square inches, enough for a small number of people to cook food.

Kamado provides excellent temperature control (the best of all kinds of grills), gives the food a rich smoky flavor, and is suitable for soot or long and slow smoking.

You can reach very high temperatures from 200 degrees to 700 degrees.

  • Reach high temperature
  • Temperature control
  • The very rich smoke flavor of the meat
  • One grill and smoker

The disadvantage of one of them is a large weight, price, and difficult use For beginners.

This is a great grill for those who have used authentic kamado grill this time.

Are you looking for a very light grill that can’t feel its weight wrapped in a backpack?

This is exactly the reason I present you with a very light grill with a weight of 4.75 pounds!

Yes, well-read. It is a good choice especially if you don’t have space or are hiking.

This Quick Grill can be packed in a backpack or carried in a dedicated small-size bag.

Other portable charcoal grills usually weigh 10+ to 40 pounds.

This grill was created to provide an opportunity to prepare some simple food somewhere for a small number of people. ). Few burgers, 2 medium-sized steaks, 6 or more chicken wings, fish, hot dogs, or vegetables.

Camping, fishing, parking, driving, or traveling on the beach.

  • Weight
  • Assembly
  • Incredible mobility

A decent grill with good weight, such as a lid, takes more weight, so it is better not to carry it. The key to this grill is easy to assemble and weight, so you can take it wherever you want.

Does weight and size matter?

That’s why I put this grill on my list. Grill for many years, surely cast iron construction guarantee Durability for many years. Lodge L410 has many advantages and disadvantages.

First, the cooking area is about 150 square inches. Is it a lot? I think 2-3 is enough. However, judging by the size of this grill, it is necessary to immediately present the greatest drawbacks.

It is not the largest portable charcoal grill and the main area is 150 square inches. Still, the total weight is over 30 pounds and for this size, it is the total weight. The reason is that it is a material made of the grill (cast iron).

Cast iron is heat resistant, so after cooking, you have to wait a while until the grill cools down. That’s another small drawback.

There is no lid, so you can better control the temperature. However, the two-stage adjustable distance between food and hot charcoal has an advantage.

Maintenance-This is always something to remember. Cast iron is resistant to rust, but if proper maintenance is not done, rust may form on the surface of cast iron. That’s why every time you cook, you need to keep the grill clean and well preserved.

  • Excellent durability
  • Adjustable grate height

Lodge L410 is the right choice for those who want a durable and stable grill. The architecture of this hibachi grill is made of cast iron. This means that with proper maintenance, this grill has to serve for years.

One disadvantage is that it has a larger weight compared to a small cooking area, and the other disadvantage is the price compared to other portable charcoal grills.

Things to know about portable charcoal grill

It is very easy to use and not too complicated, but it does not take much time to assemble.

The portable charcoal grill is small and light, suitable for outside cooking.

Depending on the size of the grill you have purchased, you can bring it anywhere you like. To the park, to the beach, Camping Tail For picnics, road trips, or simply other types of travel.

The portable charcoal grill is a smoky taste that is added to the meat. For many people, the smoky taste and the smell of burning charcoal are trademarks of external food dishes.

Other types of grills, such as gas or electric grills, do not smoke, so the taste of cooked food is slightly different.

Another advantage is that it can reach high temperatures. Useful when cooking chicken wings, hamburgers, or steaks.

One drawback is, of course, ash removal. It’s a tedious, tedious, and time-consuming task that you have to do every time you use a grill. Nowadays, many interesting solutions will make it easier to perform many activities related to charcoal grill maintenance.

Find out where to take a portable charcoal grill and how often and how many people are going to cook? It’s time to take a closer look at the criteria below to find a grill that fits your expectations.

Cooking area

Think about a situation. You will use the grill and for the number of people cooking food. If you only need a portable charcoal grill when fishing with a friend, one of the smallest models will be very convenient and efficient for both. If you are camping with a large family, it is a good idea to buy a large grill with a cooking area of ​​more than 200 square inches.

What is the quality and durability of the elements?

Whether the quality of the material is good or not, why is it going to get worse? The portable charcoal grill is made of light material because it is light and easy to carry. Of course, it also has a big impact on the price.

Of course, the durable grill is made of cast iron, but it has the disadvantage of being light in weight and requiring frequent maintenance to prevent the surface of cast iron.

Air outlet and airflow

Sadly, the portable charcoal grill is not as easy and convenient as the portable gas grill. There is no dedicated knob. here. Vents should be used for temperature control. Pay attention to the grill’s vents. It’s best to rotate and easily access for faster and more efficient temperature control.

Lid – Pay attention to whether or not to draw There is no need for a lid, but having a lid has the advantage. The lid allows the oven effect, so food cooked on the grill with the lid closed is heated evenly on all sides. Another advantage is that temperature control is easier. Heat is kept inside the grill and can reach a higher or fixed temperature for a certain amount of time. Another advantage is that the lid retains most of the smoke inside the grill. You should know that smoke has a significant effect on the flavor of food, giving it a specific smoke flavor.

Burning area – The larger burning area reduces the risk of burning lattice and hot charcoal – food. One advantage of the larger combustion zone is that you can add more charcoal to extend the cooking time. Larger areas can also use other cooking methods such as indirect methods.

Weight and size – Of course, the person and place to cook the grill must be light enough to transport. Obviously, the larger the grill, the greater the weight. That’s why you need to be careful about how much cooking space you need. Some models can be carried with one hand, and others need help to be properly transported by others.

Ash cleaning – Different grills handle this in some ways. If removing the ashes from the grill is very annoying, check out the portable charcoal grill with special ash catchers. It can be a tray under the grill or a removable bowl on the side of the grill. This type of solution makes the process of removing ash from the grill much easier.

Lid with lock -The grill with the lid not only facilitates temperature control but also facilitates temperature control. Transport is easier. When carrying the grill, the lid lock must be rigid so that the lid does not open on its own.

Charcoal chimney starter

Equipped with a full-size charcoal grill. It is equipped with a special propane fuel burner for quick and easy burning of charcoal. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find such a solution when it comes to small portable charcoal grills. That’s why you can purchase charcoal chimney starters separately, and burn charcoal grills quickly and quickly in all conditions.

Stands/legs – It is good if the grille has a special, stable leg that does not require a separate table to hold the grill. If the grille has legs, check what material it is made of and whether it is folded. It is made of thick steel and is best if it is easy to fold (important during transportation).

Final note

The portable charcoal grill market is very extensive and choosing the right one is not easy. That’s why we have created a list that takes into account the most important needs of our customers and the cost of purchasing a new grill.

Please find the right portable charcoal grill. Your budget.

Remember! There is no perfectly perfect grill, it all depends on your needs. Each grill presented stands out as a different one. These include grills for people on a budget, very light grills for parks or hikes, grills for small backyards or balconies, and many other uses.

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